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Jaymz Bee: A Biography by Lenny Stoute - click here to download


You may ask yourself, who is this Jaymz Bee? And you may comfort yourself with a list of his accomplishments.


He’s a singer, bandleader, bon vivant, raconteur, producer, puppeteer, mentor, MC, a poet of the absurd and author of two books: a surreal collection of lyrics and poetry “Cosmic Fishing”, (2017 Insomniac Press) and a how-to book for the International best-selling series of Dummies books: “Cocktail Parties for Dummies” (1997 IDG Books Worldwide). But wait, there’s more: For 16 years the fun inciting, ultra likeable face of JAZZ.FM91, fund raiser supremo, creator of curated tours from Iceland to Cuba…host of The Jaymz Bee salons, guest speaker at music industry related events, PR consultant, record label, music publishing company, script writer, art gallery curator and widely lauded as a walking, talking interface between the music and the people.


He’s also a savvy social satirist and a defender of the good and right. Jaymz Bee takes a cultural chainsaw to pomposity, presumptions and paranoia. He experienced many highs and lows working at JAZZ.FM91 and survived only due to his unflappable humour and willingness to just say YES to anything that would benefit musicians and donors, nightclubs and anyone who puts their money where their ears are.


The man deserves awards and recognition for his decades long work of keeping surrealist and absurdist humour alive in Canada, which includes decades of work with Mark Breslin of Yuk Yuk’s fame. He also does yeoman work constantly bringing talent to the fore. Check The Tiki Collective’s  album “Muse” which showcases the talents of 15 female vocalists at various stages of their career. Go back a ways and you’ll discover his “Royal Jelly Orchestra”, who spawned careers for vocalists from Sophia Perlman and Big Rude Jake to Alex Pangman and Michael Buble.


Jaymz Bee put a much-needed friendly face on jazz, dragging it out from the dank and stultifying environs of the too cool for school into the light, the love and the groove; exposing thousands of jazzers to the mind expanding delights of the renowned Jazz Safaris: of which his guests are known to wax poetic before signing up for the next year’s trip. The internationally known Ambassador of Jazz has fans all over the world who eagerly await his next adventure. His latest foray in to music adventures (which began in 1998 with his Jaymz Bee Floating Cocktail Party of the Caribbean) is called BEELINE Music Adventure Tours and officially launches in January of 2019.


This whirlwind of projects keeps our man busy as a two-peckered rabbit in mating season, a multi coloured blur moving so fast he gets fan mail from Usain Bolt. Toronto’s musical superhero love child of a three-way involving Hugh Hefner, George Clooney and Jim Carrey…or as entertainer Johnny Favourite once coined “Jaymz Bee is like Andy Warhol on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!” So, from the man himself, here’s what’s on tap and what’s coming up fast: 


“I’m still promoting the art and music scene with wild joyous abandon via social media. The Jaymz Bee Podcast features a new episode every Saturday and I do a monthly newsletter and blog as well. 


I Started BEELINE Music Adventure Tours: “Group Tours for people who aren’t sure about Group Tours.” The international tours are for groups of 12-24 people. Cuba’s sold out but I’m offering New Orleans, San Francisco, Newfoundland and other destinations in 2019.


“I am considering doing Toronto Music tours...unlike my previous gig which I created, produced and hosted for 14 years, this will not only be jazz venues. It will include many historical landmarks and the kind of history not found on Wikipedia, but ultimately is about the vibrant music scene in Toronto and hitting clubs that most tourists (or even locals) don’t know about.


“Lots happening with music production. Vesuvius Music Incorporated is my new label…in partnership with Lorenzo DiGianfelice. Our debut release, “Muse” by The Tiki Collective, was the # 1 recommended download at All About Jazz for a full month. Next up is John Finley’s r&b record, produced and arranged by Lou Pomanti. Then a solo CD by Jocelyn Barth, and we are working on  two more  albums by TTC (The Tiki Collective) to be released next year.”


Jaymz has begun taking his salon concept to the people. His salons adhere to the classic format of noteworthy performers in many branches of the arts, including music, dance, poetry, spoken word, puppet performances and such. His invite only private salons invariably draw a full house of music and art aficionados.


“I host special salons at people’s homes, corporate events and charity galas. I emcee and organize all entertainment, then consult with catering, staging and any other details. From Rosedale to Parkdale, Kleinberg to Hoggs Hollow, I love taking my show on the road. My most recent exported salon was for Jeanne Beker who is a regular at my house parties.” So he may rub designer shoulders with the culturati and richerati but the King Bee remains a man of the people.


Bee is well known for his ability to secure sponsorship for his various events and has a rep for spending any money he earns from a charity event on the silent auctions; big budget events sponsored by Famous Players, The Canadian Opera Company, The National Ballet of Canada, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Smirnoff Vodka. He also sat on the board of Unison Benevolent Fund and continues to raise money for this worthy cause that helps people in the music business in times of crisis.


So you look at it from those sides now and realize, you really don’t know Jaymz Bee in all. Insight can be gained however, by checking out any project the man’s involved with. 

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