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Are you a music lover who would like to donate or invest in someone’s career? 

Are you an artist with a finished master looking for a hand with a worldwide release?

Are you a rising star who is looking for “the standard rich and famous contract”?
Maybe we can help - maybe not - contact me!

Currently I am promoting The Tiki Collective debut CD “Muse” as well as upcoming records from Jocelyn Barth and John Finley for my new label with Lorenzo DiGianfelice called Vesuvius Music Inc

I have run three record labels (into the ground), the first being “Leisure Lab Recordings”, a division of BMG Music. Next was the short lived Leisure Disc followed by a sole proprietorship called Timely Manor.  


It’s impossible to count how many recordings and videos  I have produced, directed or executive-produced, or starred in but here are a handful: 



MUSE 2018

Vesuvius Music Inc.

Bee conceived of The Tiki Collective many years ago and with the help of guitarist Eric St-Laurent as musical director and the band began playing live concerts in Toronto in 2015. "Muse", their debut album, features 15 female vocalists and an all-star band and was co-produced by Jaymz and long-time friend, award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jono Grant. This was the first time working with executive producer Lorenzo DiGianfelice, and you can hear and feel the good vibes on the album; which successfully launched the band worldwide to critical acclaim.


TUK 2.jpg

TUK  2018


Bee collaborated with Carlos Peron (ex-Yello) on this six track project. Bee added lyrics to some wild instrumental music and then voiced-it. He brought in some guest vocalists on a couple tracks and hired video green screen guru Jason J. Brown to create videos to promote it. Check out “Zombie Angel Poetry Slam” on Youtube!   

Jaymz bee "the lounge years"

bee cd art.jpg

The Lounge Years 


Happy Fingers Music

To mark his 55th birthday Bee released a collection of his favourite tracks (most of them he created along with award winning producer Jono Grant). It was created as a companion piece to his poetry and lyric book, Cosmic Fishing (2017 Insomniac Press).

Click here because you want it!

Marieve Herrington "Blossoming"


Blossoming 2006

Timely Manor

Marieve was still a teenager in high school when she asked Jaymz to produce her debut CD, a tribute to the great singer/pianist Blossom Dearie. She displayed her sense of humour on songs such as “Someone’s Been Sending Me Flowers” and “Everything I’ve Got” but also gets  serious with take on "Lies Of Handsome Men”. Currently Marieve is busy as a voice artist and actor, based in Los Angeles. 

Serafin "2am at the torch cafe"


2AM At The Torch Cafe 2005

Timely Manor

Serafin has a voice that some find hard to describe. Angelic would be a nice start. Just listen to the track "Everybody Hurts" and "My Funny Valentine" and break out the handkerchiefs! Serafin has gone on to make more recordings and has become a terrific songwriter. This album, his debut - is still as impressive now as when it was created years ago.



Babes In Jazzland 2006

Timely Manor

In 2002 Jaymz Bee discussed the idea of an all female jazz band with his friend Gigi. Girl jazz bands were a “thing” back in the forties but Bee wanted to create a modern version that featured the most talented young women in jazz, most of whom were just graduating from  “scale school”. On this album it is interesting to note that every singer has gone on to do relatively big things and the musicians featured here are still popular side musicians; some currently leading their own bands. Their haunting version of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” really should be used in a movie soundtrack! 

royal jelly orchestrA "TORONTO LAUNCH PAD"


Toronto Launch Pad 2005

Timely Manor

The band recorded this pretty much live off the floor at Puck’s Farm.  It was a 12-hour, all-day into the night recording with many breaks to walk around the farm and play with the animals. This is when Alex Pangman first recorded "Dead Drunk Blues”. She ended up pressing it on vinyl, with proceeds going to The New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, post-Katrina. There are some classic tracks on here including Michael Danso singing “After Midnight” and Jef Farquharson’s hilarious croon on “Walking on the Moon”.

royal jelly orchestra "seriously happy"


Seriously Happy 2004

Wychwood Park

This RJO CD had a larger budget than usual. Big band charts were arranged by various artists on the album and it was recorded at the now defunct Reaction Studios. The through line on this recording is that all the songs expressed joy. The concept, band, singers and studio were all top notch. "When You're Smiling", sung by Julie Michels (with chart by Ross Wooldridge) seemed to be a favourite at radio when it was released.

New standards: vol.1


New Standards Vol.1 2005

JAZZ.FM91 Records

Jaymz selected over a dozen of his favourite instrumental tracks by local bands and had them donate the master to this compilation CD that raised money for JAZZ.FM91. Many of the songs including "Ladybug Waltz" by Heillig Manoeuvre and "Five O'Clock Shadow" by Daniel Barnes became big hits on radio. 



One Lucky Piano 2007

Timely Manor

Jaymz has often said that “One Lucky Piano” was one of his greatest pleasures to record. He spent almost four thousand dollars of his own money to get it done and then donated all the proceeds (of 1000 CD’s) to JAZZ.FM91.  The CD features many of Canada's best-loved pianists all playing one song on the famous Yamaha piano that used to live at The Montreal Bistro and was often played by the great Oscar Peterson. Michael Kaeshammer, Robi Botos and Adam Makowicz are particularly astonishing but  every song on this collection is a true and original gem. 

Adam makowicz "indigo bliss"


Indigo Bliss 2008

Timely Manor

When Adam went in to record on "One Lucky Piano" Jaymz Bee and his engineer James Paul were so impressed with his playing they offered him a couple free days to come in and record his own album. Adam was (and still is) famous in Europe and America, and had recently moved to Toronto so they were happy to act as Canada’s “Welcome Wagon”. The result is a perfect solo piano performance that is bound to make you smarter and make your plants grow taller!



Robert Scott 2005

Timely Manor

Before Robert wrote the hit song "Hollywood" for Michael Buble, he was a good friend of Bee’s and Jaymz offered to finance his album of solo piano; with the help of "Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts" who donated a showroom and piano. They went in after hours and recorded this on a $250,000 Bossendorfer Imperial grand piano. The tasteful painting cover art is by Denise LaFrance. 



Toronto Launch Pad 2005

Timely Manor

Statham has been featured on some big band CD's but wanted to do a solo recording and asked Bee to produce. Jaymz enlisted some of his favourite musicians (all Order of Canada recipients) and recording this was a piece of cake because when you have a rhythm section of Joe Sealy (who did arrangements too), Dave Young and Terry Clarke - there isn't much to worry about. Guido Basso, Peter Appleyard, Jane Bunnett and Randy Bachman all made special appearances on this CD.  


Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 10.53.42

21st Century Francks 2013

Iron Buffalo Productions

The late great Don Francks was recorded live at The Top Of The Senator by Danny Greenspoon for four nights in 2002. This was his final recording which features Steve Hunter on piano, Brian Barlow on drums, George Koller on bass and Alex Dean on saxophones. Featuring a bonus track with Tony Quarrington and Jaymz Bee of "Swinging' On A Star" which was recorded in 2013 by Jordan O'Connor at The Breath Studios. 

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