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The Look People was a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 1985 in Toronto. They had a moderate hit in 1991 with a cover of War's "Low Rider", and received five CASBY Award nominations for their CD Small Fish, Big Pond.

The band began in 1985 around the lineup of vocalist Jaymz Bee, guitarist Andy Flinn, bassist Walter K., drummer Mike Weilenman and percussionist Great Bob Scott. Their first show was April 13, 1985 in North Bay, Ontario and after half a dozen shows in Toronto the band headed to Europe for a summer tour, which ended up keeping them based there for the next three years. After a short tour of Switzerland, Flinn left the band and was replaced by Fabio Marc Baltensperger; Baltensperger, who in turn left and was replaced by six-foot-nine axeman Longo Hai. Wilenman quit before their first recording, leaving Great Bob Scott to fill the chair as drummer and percussionist.


The original lineup released the EP Stop Making Cheese in 1986, which was recorded in Switzerland and released in North America on AMOK Records. By 1988, after countless gigs from small venues to crowds of 20,000 at outdoor festivals, various members moved on and the band was down to duo Bee and Scott, who composed music with producer Walter Zweifel. The following year, a new permanent lineup formed, consisting of Bee, Scott, Clay Tyson (bass), Kevin Hearn (keys), Bazl Salazar (percussion) and Aardvark Q. Dardknarbles (guitar). This lineup recorded the band's 1989 outing More Songs About Hats and Chickens as well the LP Small Fish, Big Pond. Salazar and Dardknarbles subsequently left the band, and guitarist Longo Hai returned.


Following the band's 1991 album Boogazm, Look People made their most successful European tour, and criss-crossed Canada twice. After Boogazm, Tyson left the band and was replaced by bassist Chris Gartner. In 1993, the band played on the side stage of Lolapalooza, most notably a show in San Francisco where an unknown band called Rage Against The Machine shared the stage with them. The band quickly became a favourite of the main stage acts Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  Look People released “Crazy Eggs” that same year and also became the house band for the CBC Television variety show Friday Night with Ralph Benmergui, with Bee at the helm as music director and artistic consultant. Following the cancellation of that series, Look People made one final tour of North America and performed their last show at The Palomino Club in North Hollywood on April 13, 1994, nine years to the day since their debut concert.

Look People also attracted many notable musicians as guest players, including Dave Bidini, Ray Montford, John and Chris Bottomley, Colin Linden, Tom Walsh, Richard Underhill, Bill Grove, Bob Wiseman, Holly Cole and Nash the Slash.

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