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A Trying Year but I am still So Full Of It...Gratitude, that is!

2021 was too much like 2020 for my taste. It's funny how time didn't exactly fly, but now that it's almost done, and looking back - it wasn't so terrible, it was just really, really different!

I got a lot done during the various levels of Lockdown. I did more writing and planning than ever before, I read more books in the past two years than I have in the past 20, and I managed to not spend all my time watching television. Everyone tells me about amazing shows on various networks (mostly ones you have to pay and subscribe to) and I'm kind of happily clueless. If I couldn't sleep I'd put on Youtube and watch Barnaby Jones, Cannon or really old Charlie Chan films...that did the trick!

I am so grateful that while I had very few gigs - some wonderful outdoor concerts, but not many - I managed to compose new songs, record a couple albums and work with some brilliant artists - often online but still, we got stuff done!

I'm thankful that I have a big enough house to have solitude, yet also live with two friends (Vezi and Heather) so I wasn't shut-in totally by myself. Also, working with Mariana Hutten, Jono Grant and Otak Fang - kept me relatively sane. Just relatively, of course!

I also discovered that my radio shows became more important to me (and others) than ever before. I got way more feedback from musicians and listeners than I have in the past 19 years at and the fund raising has been more successful, fun and less complicated than ever before. The station is doing so well during these "interesting times".

My biggest blessing of all? Vesuvius Music Inc.

Creating music is probably my greatest passion but assisting June Garber, John Finley and Jocelyn Barth on their albums, also makes me so happy. My BFF and taskmaster is Gigi Marentette, who has been patient while showing me how to tackle the music industry in the 21st Century. Lorenzo DiGianfelice and I have made so much progress finding others to support musicians - and the work continues. This label is unlike anything I've experienced in the music industry.

My two albums "Music For Secret Agents" and "A Very Untraditional Christmas" are available online and my new book (illustrated by my buddy, Charles Hackbarth) is available on Amazon. "Kolour My Krazy" is an adult colouring book and just more proof that you can get things done while in lockdown.

I hope to get back to travelling and want to produce way more events in 2022, but for now, I will sit back with a smile on my face while I think about all the time I had to be introspective in the past couple years. I remain, above all things, grateful for the friends I have, my health and life in general. Cheers!

PS. I am wrapping up the year with a Christmas Party Sunday Dec. 19th ( for a link to tickets) and MD of The New Years Eve Comedy Extravaganza at Massey Hall on Dec. 31st. I hope to see you at one or both of these events!

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